Why Starbucks Can Thank Me Later

When the doctor starts off your appointment with phrases like "your results" and "very interesting", it's kind of a toss up as to whether or not the next they say has you running for the hills screaming or breathing a sigh of relief because things were way worse in your head. Because they are always worse in your head.

Except for when they say things like allergic to and beef and apples and carrots and shrimp and crab and then your mind goes blank so you don't even hear the rest of the list because you're all THERE'S NOTHING LEFT TO LIVE FOR! Times like that make you realize you don't overreact nearly as much as The Husband likes to pretend you do, mainly because The Husband can sometimes be an asshole.

And last week, this was all me (the overreacting thing. The Husband is still the asshole.)  So when my doctor suggested a very intensive follow up to the first food allergy test just to be sure with things like cocoa beans and coffee and DEAR GOD DON'T TAKE AWAY MY COFFEE...I said yes right away and then made sure to arrive to the next appointment with a trenta (read: only the addicts order their shit this big) iced black Starbuck's coffee in hand. Ya know, just in case. Turns out that this time though, things actually were way worse in my head because somehow I didn't test positive to as many food allergens as I did previously. The doctor isn't sure what the hell happened, and neither am I, but I really don't care because the bottom line is that I can still self-medicate the crazy with a steady stream of coffee and that I'm no longer the freak with the beef and apple allergy.

Instead? I'm the freak with the cabbage and broccoli allergy.

Also on my list of Things that May Make Pauline Explode:







*all Dairy

*all Eggs

*Bakers Yeast

* Wheat






*Whole Wheat

So I've been given the green light to go crazy with the beef jerky again, but things like oats, soy, and corn are staying off of my list of allowable paleo-friendly foods. I've been telling doctors for years that I couldn't explain why but I just felt better when I didn't eat grains and now I know why seeing as the grains I was eating were all trying to kill me.

What I don't know is where this leaves me regarding the possible crazy rare autoimmune Me Being Allergic to my Own Hormone thing because when I cut out the food allergens, the symptoms that could result in a hysterectomy seemed to resolve so quickly that now everyone is wondering how I made it this long without spontaneously combusting just on principal. Now the OB is sending me back to the allergist who is sending me back to the nurse practitioner who is sending me back to the naturopath who is telling me that I may be slightly less fucked up than we all assumed.

Also? This is my 600th blog post. Instead of doing that thing that popular bloggers do with the giving away of Really Awesome Shit, I decided to do something a bit differently in that I instead went with the Unpopular Writer Mama with the Blog and No Prizes theme because I am secure in my unpopularity-ness-ish and right about now would be a REALLY GOOD TIME for Starbuck's to take this post for the free advertising that it is and offer up some gift cards before y'all get all judgy and STARBUCK'S IS SO UNGRATEFUL which we know they aren't seeing as the girl who poured all three of my trenta coffees today was super nice and never once asked me if I had a problem. Because that, my friends, is the kind of customer service that I think we all can appreciate.