Awwww Coconuts...

I traveled 2,500 miles yesterday so Buttercup can be a flower girl in a family wedding this weekend and jet-lag has turned my brain into baby food. I'd rather wax hysterical about the wisdom behind making sure you marry into a family only if the future in-laws and the current crazy you refer to as family have no less than three states between them because there's probably a sit-com idea here just waiting to be born -- and because it's like THE BEST PREMARITAL ADVICE THE SINGLE COULD EVERY POSSIBLY HOPE TO RECEIVE -- but I think I'm already asleep. Instead, I'll let myself take a vacation day from the blog, rest my muddled brain and close my allergy induced bloodshot eyes because it seems I'm allergic to the entire planet, and give you something I else I wrote and saved for a rainy day.  

The first time I heard a Latino friend refer to themselves as a coconut, I was clueless. And to be honest, I actually forgot about it until yesterday when I had this conversation with Buttercup:

"Mama, how do you say 'circle' in Spanish?"


She repeats me, nods her head, and then taps her chin. She's thinking.

"How do you say 'triangle?'"





What the HELL?

"Dodeca WHAT?"

"Dodecahedron? It's a shape with 12 sides."

Right. Thank you, Nick Jr., for this moment. Because now my five-year-old is aware that I actually don't know everything.

You. Owe. Me.

"Um??? Wow. Sweetie....that's not really a word I've ever used in conversation in Spanish."

"I've never heard you use it in English either, Mama."

"Yeah. Exactly."

Also? Coconut: Brown on the outside. White on the inside. Spanglish is my national language. My daughter knows just as much Spanish because of Dora as she does Chinese because of Kai Lan. And Google is my savior.

Dodecahedron? In Spanish it's dodecaedro, thank you very much.