Second Hand Happiness

I'm not really here right now. In fact, I'm actually sitting at Detroit Metro Airport, probably reading on my Nook, wasting time on Twitter, and counting down the moments until I can climb into my own bed. I imagine I'll also be trying to come up with brand new ideas for becoming unfamous enough for a book deal (selling my soul for a reality TV show is currently in the lead) because that's still a thing for me, you know. In a few hours I'll be landing in Phoenix, driving to Tucson, and climbing into my own bed for the first time in 14 days. Until then, here's a little something I've been saving for you.


Second-Hand Happiness with

There's this awesome little children's consignment shop out here in Tucson that Buttercup and I like to stop by. She calls it the Trade-In Store because every time she hands over willingly donated outgrown toys and too-small clothes, she gets a coupon telling us how much store credit she just earned. The rule is simple: she gets to pick one toy and then I use the rest on clothes two sizes too big. And when we get home, I sort the clothes. What she can wear now, usually cotton dresses, goes into the wash. The rest goes into the box in her closet containing the rest of the clearance sale and second-hand goodies we've found.

Gymboree. Gap. Garnet Hill. We've got it. We just didn't pay full price for it..

The only drawback is the distance between our Trade-In Store and our house. It's  good 35 minutes and by the time you figure in the obligatory Starbucks stop and the gas back and forth at the bare minimum, the savings tend to get a bit lost in the fifty bucks for a half tank of gas craziness going on in my head.

That's where ThredUp comes in. Forget the fine print, people. Here it is in regular size so everyone can see it: I was offered a $20 coupon and free shipping to shop for Buttercup, review the experience, and then offer you the chance to save on your first ThredUp shopping experience if I walked away a happy customer. I said yes, obviously. And I'm glad.

ThredUp is easy to navigate with search options that allow you to only see size 8 dresses or size 2 boys T-shirts, depending on your needs. There are no item descriptions but each article of clothing approved for sale by ThredUp is individually photographed so you can see what you're buying before you get it.

Buttercup's loving her new Gymboree dress and the capri leggings we selected from ThredUp, or that Trade-In Site, as I like to call it now. Because the next time we have a new box of too-small clothes, I'll be starting the computer up and logging on to ThredUp. My car keys can stay in my purse until I make up a reason to drive to Target just so I can feed my Starbucks addiction. Again.

Aspiring Mama readers are welcome to take advantage of a 10% discount off of their first order from Just use discount code TU10 during checkout! Happy second-hand shopping to you and a big thank you to ThredUp for giving me the chance to participate.