And I Shall Drive Three Thousand Miles...

Finally in Maine as of midnight on Thanksgiving eve, already know we will stay in Maine but not in this house so we will move again in 6 months. In-laws have already returned to Detroit and the dogs finally learned its okay to take a shit in the frost-covered grass.

Also? It’s entirely acceptable to eat a roast turkey dinner and give thanks at the local truck stop in a town where the world’s cleanest rest stop and welcome center are just part of the scenery.

The outside is no longer trying to kill us. No more mesquite trees. No more nebulizer 3 times per day for the little one. No more being locked inside. No more allergy cocktail of meds to keep her functioning. And I can stop popping the dye-free Benadryl  that never really did anything for me because I can breathe out of both nostrils for the first time in four years just because I can.

Our driveway is a quarter mile long. There’s a movie theater in town with free popcorn on Wednesday nights and neighbors leave food and welcome notes for you under the grille just to welcome you to the neighborhood. And The Husband has warned me to not  punch the guy who taps on my window at the gas station. He’s not trying to car jack me. Just ask if I want regular or premium.

Basically, we are getting settled. And reveling in the freezing winds that make sense in November because 90 in the desert always messed with my head.

I miss people. So does Buttercup. But we don’t miss where we were. Obviously, I’m behind on everything and life in general, but I’ll be back in a day or so to post a few of the trip highlights. Welcome to the Maine Highlands, y’all. You can keep your flip flops.