A Thank You


Pretty sure I'm the coolest mom in Buttercup's little group of friends right now. That's what happens when you give signed author copies of a book that is so well-received by the kidlets that I was texted and emailed repeatedly about how they had to take away the book because their kids were, well, reading.

Good students, these kids. Usually pretty well behaved.

But this book made them into different people. It made them careless and forgetful and because they were too busy losing themselves in the pictures painted on the page with words that they were forgetting to do their homework. They were getting caught in the middle of the night with flashlights and their only defense was "But MOM! I want to find out what happens next!"

And they did. The next day, anyway. And when they were done they were so high on the adventures in their head and the rush that comes with having lived vicariously through characters they came to love and can't wait to see again that they did something unheard of these days.

They grabbed a thank you card, a stamp, and then put this in the mail box.


It gets even better. Because if the outside makes you smile, the inside makes you all giddy and think there is actually hope for humanity in the face of crap like Jersey Shore and the Kardashians because there are still words being put to paper and imaginations dancing with the images created within.



Congratulations on making your latest deadline, Shannon. You revel in that. I'm going back to smiling and feeling superior like my kid because her mama is  "friends" with all of these famous writers and Miss Shannon is one of them and that makes me kind of awesome.

World? Keeper of the Lost Cities IS as awesome as these kids say. I'm going at a much slower pace reading it to a five-year-old, but she is as caught up in it as I am. It's not just good. It's incredible. And I am looking forward to more. Order Keeper of  the Lost Cities here. And you're welcome.