Mexican in Maine: Knocked up Ponies & Other Magic Tricks

It may look like I'm cheating, but I'm not. The next time I post screen shots of my Facebook updates and it didn't take me 35 minutes to figure out how to take a screen shot, I will be.

But that's next time.

Right now, I'm two poems behind on Schmutzie's #365poems so I'm tweaking it a bit and going for the big picture. If I can write 365 poems this year I win a pony. And no, that isn't a stretch out here, considering my new friend Kim at the Tractor Supply Store has four miniature ponies who are currently knocked up. She has other horses, too, and stopped Buttercup in her tracks when Kim opened the coversation with

"You look like a horse person."

My child, with eyes opened wide and jaw.on.the.floor?

"How did you KNOW?"

This exchange instantly made Kim the best thing ever.

Or at least since Mommy went on Xanax.

PS: I owe the guys at the local Shop & Save a blog post, too. It's like 48 hours past my bedtime already. Rain Check on Aspiring Mama. Redeemable after I drink more coffee spiked with about three shots of espresso.