I Woke Myself Up to Blog at Midnight

Obviously, I have priorities.

Normally, I don't fall asleep before 2 a.m. just because I'm wired that way. But funny things start to happen when you've been up till damn near 5 am for  week straight and your 5 year-old homeschooled child won't sleep in past 8:30 a.m. Tonight, I fell asleep next to her while we read story books and I woke up with Buttercup on my chest, my iPhone on her pillow, and actually debated if I should get out of bed to write what needs to be written.

Sleep should have been the priority. But then I remembered that little ebook launch and how I need to kind of be working on that. So here I am.

A few quick updates before I get distracted by the house I need to clean for the mom/daughter play/mom chat date we have coming over tomorrow afternoon, the sink full of dirty dishes, the lunch I have to pack for The Husband for his morning shift, and planning the morning's homeschool session. Did I mention I also made my own laundry detergent and dish soap today because I was bored for five minutes?

Here's the Happy in a nutshell:

* Girl Body Pride writer Leanne Breiholz had a  GBP post picked up by HuffPost Parents! Here's the link to "Broken." Click, read, share with your friends, and leave some comment love. Leanne is still deciding if she should blog, y'all. I'm thinking MaybeYes.

* Shoshana Rachel's review of Strong like Butterfly still makes me tingly. Go read it again. I'll wait for you to buy the book and then head back here. I'm patient like that.

* Rita Arens, BlogHer's senior editor, will be sharing her thoughts on her site, Surrender, Dorothy, after the sun rises. I'll stop by and update with the link. Many, many thank you's to Rita.

* Did you know that those who but the ebook and email me (aspiringmama or girlbodypride at gmail) their name and URL (along with proof of purchase from Smashwords) are being recognized on the Supporters of GBP page on Girl Body Pride linking to you?? I also will be recognizing supporters in future newsletters to my subscribers! If you have used a coupon code for a free or discounted download, that's okay. You can share the Strong like Butterfly love as a gift to a friend AND support me and Girl Body Pride in the process. Win/win people!

* Mercedesy Yardley will be taking day 3 of the Strong Like Butterfly launch tour. If you haven't' already, check out this woman's writing. She is a true talent and I'm honored to know and work with her. Stop by A Broken Laptop for day 3 and a chance to win a copy of Rita Arens' new book (before it's even released!).


And that's all she wrote, folks.