Let's Help a Mother Out & Justify Our Shopping Habits

I usually suck at the Rallying the Troops thing, but it's late and I'm so far behind on my To Do list that I may as well not bother sleeping until I'm dead so let's just give this a shot, shall we? Really, I'll just pretend high school didn't happen and that I was nominated for something other than The Kramer Award for Craziest Hair by my fellow classmates our senior year. Like Homecoming Court, or something.

It's International Women's Day and my friend, fellow writer, and regular Girl Body Pride contributor Kim Tracy Prince is looking for support for the Help a Mother Out diaper donation charity.

The short story: Install the KarmaWell app on your browser and if just 20 or so of you follow through because you are that kind of awesome, Kim will have made her goal of getting at least 50 people try KarmaWell, and that translates into KarmaWell donating 5,000 diapers to a homeless shelter. The KarmaWell app is FREE and enables automatic donations to the diaper charity every time you shop online. Which we all know is often. So that means babies get diapers and you scored some points with the Universe.

Don't lie. Karma is watching you, remember?

Basically, you either like babies or you don't. I think you do.

Go ahead and delete the app next week if you want. I won't tell. But install KarmaWell before the end of the day in the spirit of helping mothers and babies and supporting your online shopping habit, which basically gives you the right to shop because IT'S FOR THE BABIES.

That means the next time your husband gets all YOU DON'T NEED THAT you can be all NO I REALLY DON'T BUT IT'S FOR THE BABIES, ASSHOLE. Basically, it's an automatic win for you because no one can argue that?

No one.

Unless they are evil.