If Neil Kramer Were a Woman...

I love Neil Kramer. It's Facebook updates like these (along with his brilliant iPhone pics on his instagram feed) that just make me want to high five him for cutting through the bullshit and just saying or showing us what is.

In this case, it's a brilliant case of Funny Because It's True. In fact, it's so funny, my sides are getting stitches from laughing, which makes this also fall into The Truth Hurts category.

Let's look at a few examples in my feed from today alone:


I love A Beautiful Mess. They speak to the body/self-acceptance crowd working to embrace their crazy and imperfections. It's the same message, but usually with more swear words, I try to share on Girl Body Pride.


Mighty girls.

Attitude is everything.

Enough said.


Now we're getting somewhere. I can hear my Complex bitching, so we must be close.


Dr. Oz. made me cry again. Well, it was him or the companies using his image (with or without his permission) to sell the idea that FASTER, THINNER, BETTER, BEST is and always will be the only way to find happiness within. And there we are. The punchline. Love yourself and tell your children to do the same, but just make sure you work on that belly fat before having the audacity to believe you are anything other than perfectly beautiful and worthy of your own love and efforts just the way you are.

Neil? Yes. Facebook fucks with me. So does going grocery shopping, the headlines on the glossies while checking out with my kale and coconut milk because I'm allergic to almost every food on the planet, and my own brain when pity parties involving food that tastes good but makes me feel horrible sound like a brilliant idea.

How do I handle it? By hitting "Publish."