Just Gimme 30 Seconds

I'm so far behind myself at this point that it's just easier to point and laugh at things like the laundry piling up, the taxes that aren't done yet, and that little thing people call sleep. So of course I said HELL YES when Cheryl Hansen-Leahy asked me if I'd like to lead another 30 Second Mom chat tonight. I'd like to tell you about that thing that I still have to keep a secret and the four blog posts I wanted to have written that are probably now irrelevant. But I've got a  lot to do before the chat tonight, so let's just focus on right now, shall we?

WhenWhereHowWhy? Yeah, I know...stay with me and keep reading the chat promotion fellow 30 Second mom, Cheryl Hansen-Leahy, has put together:

  • Do you truly love “you?” No, not the imaginary you (minus 20 lbs, plus job promotion)...the you TODAY! Join an amazing woman and writer Pauline Campos as she inspires us to realize and celebrate our strengths, just the way we are. She will also touch on her experience with her recently published anthology, Strong Like Butterfly, which hit the top of my chart this winter!

    Pauline is the creator of http://www.girlbodypride.com/, her answer to a lifetime of self-doubt, body image issues, and an eating disorder. She maintains her blog at Aspiring Mama while also blogging for Funny Not Slutty and Owning Pink in addition to being a 30Second Mom contributor.

    Here are some tweets to spread the word!

    Do u love yourself JUST the way u are? Join @Pauline_Campos 4 #30secondmom chat Wed 8pmCT/9ET RSVP: http://ow.ly/jaBRL

    Screw the finish line- don’t wait, embrace the NOW! #30secondmom chat with @Pauline_Campos Wed 8pmCT/9ET RSVP: http://ow.ly/jaBRL

Remember the part where I told you I'm done with the bullshit and working on the Happy? Yeah, that part.

I'm not here with a pretty soapbox to give you some line about how following THESE SIMPLE STEPS will FOREVER CHANGE YOUR LIFE and are THE ANSWER YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!

The steps aren't simple. You may fall down a few times.

Forever actually means "Rinse, Lather, Repeat."

And the answer just leads to more questions, which is actually a good thing, because that leads to more self-discovery and personal growth.

I hope you join me and the rest of the 30 Second Mom team for the chat! We've got some great prizes to give away, but you have to RSVP in the link above to be eligible to win. So do that, stop by, and let's get real.

We can even sing Kumbaya after.