About Me & Crazy Normal

The wonderful thing about believing you've got nothing to lose is that there's no fear holding you back when going for what you want. You're not gonna get it, anyway, so what's the harm in being yourself?


No excuses.

Off the cuff.


Because that's who you and you're welcome to your opinion but I'm also welcome to not give a shit. Unless you think I'm hilarious. Then we can both agree to agree on most things from here on out and we'll probably get along splendidly as long as you don't bring up that story about the time I sent off a cover letter for a public relations job and dropped the "L."

Yes, I know there's a reason they never called me. Can we just talk about something else now? Like  the fact that I'm sitting on a secret. A Something Awesome that Happened because I Didn't Think I Had a Snowball's Chance in Hell. I'm probably going to explode.

Wait, no. I'm alright.

The Xanax just kicked in.

The Facebook account I use for social media has been converted to a public figure page, not because I think I'm the next Oprah, but because it's easier for me to keep private and social in their respective corners this way. There's an about.me page. And my LLC papers just showed up in the mail today. The timing is kind of crazy. Which is okay, because crazy is my normal.

Now we just wait for Step Three....