HURRY UP (and wait....)

I should probably start with I'M SORRY. Mainly because I seriously had no intention of becoming an internet tease. There's news that I am absolutely DYING to share because

* It's exciting

* And Fucking Awesome

* But mostly because I suck at keeping secrets so not saying anything is actually HURTING MY BRAIN.

The plan for today's announcement has been delayed. Which sucks. But Hurry Up and Wait is the name of the game in the publishing world. I can say that I'm a finally a Contracted, Tax-Paying Writer, which I haven't been able to say since I left The Detroit News to raise our daughter almost six years ago and Colossally Suck at freelancing. ( Seriously, do you know how Organized you need to be to keep all the plates required for regular income flying and how hysterical that concept is when you try to say the words "Pauline" and "Organized" in the same sentence? )

I know. I couldn't keep  straight face, either.

Anyway, please don't shoot the messenger because the messenger probably needs her Xanax. She just got off the phone with A Person in the Writing World who informed her that more time is needed before The Announcement can be made. I'm okay with this. Probably because I just chased that Xanax with an espresso, but who's judging?

Until then, it's back to business as usual. There's the Mom thing, the Packing to Move into a New Rental House thing, the Wife thing, and the working on finding my Zen with my recently resumed Yoga & Just Dance 4 routine I've got going on with Buttercup. There's the Homeschool thing, the Girl Body Pride thing, and the Furious Texting to Family & Friends to let them know I need another week to make good on my Promise to Validate the Working in my Pajamas thing.

This is good. Now I've got a few extra days to figure out how to fit Paleo-ADHD-Yoga-loving-Hippie-Homeopathic-Homeschooling-Mexican-Living-in-Maine on a business card and not make it look to wordy.