OMYFUCKINGGAWD (& I Mean That in a Good Way)

You guys? It just happened.

the secret I've been sitting on for MONTHS now is finally out. I'm okay. I'm excited. I'm honored. I'M FREAKING OUT.

But I've got my Xanax, a supportive husband, and a group of friends I've made in the 6 years I've been blogging for free to lean on while I try not to pass out.

Because. This. Just. Happened.

My heart is pounding. In a good way. My heart is racing. In a good way. My brain is in Crazy mode. But that part is actually normal.

All I can say is this makes up for high school AND validates all the time I spent tweeting, blogging, networking, and working in my pajamas sans bra, (and not sleeping because who has time for that?) in order to make my dreams become reality.

Thank you, Latina, for believing in me. Thank you, my husband, for being my sugar daddy while I worked to one day be able to buy you pretty things and boy toys. Thank you, little girl, for understanding that mama needed time to work so she could do so much more for you and help you realize your own strengths by seeing that hard work and perseverance pays off if you never give up.

Thank you all for being part of my journey. I hope you buckle up and settle in for the ride of my life.