Lemme Tell Ya: Edition 1

Welcome to the first edition of the new Regular Thing I Hope I Don't Forget is a Regular Thing. Life's gotten a bit crazier lately and I'm hoping to keep y'all up to date on what I'm doing, what I've said, where I've said it, and then wrap it up with a pretty bow by showcasing a few pieces of Awesome by Other People. I'm calling it the Tell Me About It wrap up in honor of my Latina Dimelo column, which translates into either "Tell me about it" or "Give it to me straight". Each week The wrap up is published will be thanks to sponsors and contribute to my I Need an Assistant to Remember to Take My Adderall Fund.

I'm actually only half-kidding.

And finally, thank you to routehappy.com for sponsoring the first Lemme Tell Ya roundup. I love this site (for serious) and if you fly often, you will, too. Pricing isn't the only thing that matters when booking a flight. Sanity, leg room, and keeping the kids quiet with the iPod are probably higher on the priority scale.

Now Lemme Tell Ya

On Girl Body Pride

Me on Suicide, Stigma, and why Society Needs to Grow Up.

Jennifer Collins tells us why she's Waiting for The Mean Girl.

Margaret Elysia Garcia on Body Image & Alternative Worlds.


on Latina.com:

Dimelo Column: Don't Get Your Chonis in a Bunch: Facebook Can't Ruin Your Marriage; You Can.

Dishing on: Selena Gomez, nudity, and why Former Child Star/Serious Actress = Nudity


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