Pinch Me, Maybe?

On second thought, don't pinch me. Chances are I'd reflexively bitch slap you and then we'd both wonder what the hell happened. Instead? Just check out the August issue of Latina with the gorgeous Evelyn Lozada on the cover and find me on page 32.



Now for the Acceptance Speech

Big HUGE thank you's to those directly responsible for my shiny pretty byline --

* my friend, Beth Bartlett, because she's the reason this is happening. I never would have known about (or bothered applying) for the spot had Beth not emailed and told me I was an idiot if I didn't.

* Chela? You made my day by sending me the scanned image of my column today. Let's all appreciate the irony surrounding the Mexican chick in Maine who would have to drive to NYC to buy a newsstand copy of Latina, shall we?

* The Husband: Because you believed this would happen and always supported me. Plus? You never questioned why I was braless at 1:30 p.m. after writing until 2:30 a.m.

* Elma Placeres Dieppa: Because you are my Spanglish Typo Finder and have a dead sexy voice.

* Damarys Ocana: My fabulous editor at Latina. You put up with my 3 am tweets and my craziness and made my all sniffly when you told me that Dolores Prida would have loved me.

* Dolores Prida: The one and only voice behind the popular Dolores Dice column that came before me. Not sure if heaven has wifi, but I'll be sure to give a shout out in tonight's prayers. Thank you for paving the way.