Moo says the Blogging Lady

I'm not stressed or anything. I may have forgotten to send a check to my accountant with my tax return info months ago and he may have just realized that he meant to call me. And I may have just dropped a small fortune on business cards from for BlogHer and may have paid the rush fee because BLOGHER IS HAPPENING LIKE TOMORROW and there's a lot of planning going on for the MultiCulti Extravanganza, y'all.

But it will be worth it.

In any case, my kid is a blogger now. Go look. She'll be giddy. Tweet her, even. She'll read what you say and I'll help her type a response.

And if you need business cards? I've got a snazzy discount code for you that gives you $10 off your first order and gets me some money off the next time I have to sell my soul to pay for the prettiest little business cards I've ever laid eyes on.

You're welcome.