The Weekly Wrap: #5

  I've got a carry-on suitcase packed with what I need for me AND my kid ready and waiting for BlogHer sitting alongside an empty full-sized suitcase because it only took two conferences to figure out that if I show up with too much crap, I've seriously over-thought my wardrobe.

We leave for the airport (a two-hour drive!) on Wednesday because out flight is early enough to make me think sleep is probably a stupid idea. A quick layover in Detroit and then we're off to Chicago for all the crazy fun to be had.We've even got our business cards ready to go and I'm not sure who is more excited- me or Eliana. Me because my Moo cards kick major ass. Her because she's  six and hello- BUSINESS CARDS WITH HER NAME ON THEM!

It's adorable how many times she's asked me today to see if she got any more comments on her latest post. And how she totally enunciates the H when she tells people she's going to BlogHer. Seriously. You have no idea.

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Let’s get this week Wrapped Up, shall we?

On Latina

Dying to ask me a question of your own? Email me! 

This week’s #Dimelo online column: Celebrating Cultural Diversity a la #multiculti style!


On Girl Body Pride

An Excerpt from my Latina Pro-Choice commentary.

C.J. Redwine shares a guest post describing why she chose to regress women's rights in Defiance.

Liz Faber and The Sandwich that Saved her Life.



Pin this, bitches.

This week's theme is coconuts. Which is ironic if you get the I speak fluent Spanish When I'm Drunk reference.

And finally, some Awesome by Other People

Beauty Redefined on Weight, Size, and Media Lies. 

My friend, the brilliant Mercedes M. Yardley, in a new interview on Lee Thompson's blog

A Recipe for Gluten-free Maple Covered Bacon Doughnuts on BlogHer.

And my new official favorite song and music video of all time by Dustin Tavella. You're Boyfriend is a Douchebag. Thank you to Latina Creative for sharing and sponsoring this week's Weekly Wrap.

You're welcome, Internet.



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