The Weekly Wrap: #6

Honey! We're Home! I'm now realizing how much of a shock to the system it is after returning from Chicago to LIFE IN GENERAL in Northern Maine. Don't get me wrong. I love where I live. I just didn't realize that it was so boring until I got back from BlogHer. Or that I forgot to buy anything for The Husband for his 40th birthday yesterday because my brain was too busy wrapping itself around traveling to a major conference with my kid.

He picked us up from the airport hotel two hours from where we live the day before yesterday, which was right around the time I realized that I suck at wife-dom and Making Big Deals out of Major Freaking Birthdays because the day before yesterday was the day before his birthday.



Eliana saved the day with elaborate plans for a family surprise party, complete with homemade pizza, cupcakes, and an Angry Birds Darth Vadar toy "For Daddy" (heavy emphasis on the air quotes because we all know where this is going). But while we wait for Darth to end up in her toy box, let me say thank you to 30SecondMom for sponsoring this week's wrap up!



Let’s get this week Wrapped Up, shall we?

On Latina

This week's #Dimelo column: My Six-Year-Old has a blog. Think I'm crazy? That's cool. Just do me a favor and call me insane on the post on That kind of thing makes me look good to my editors.

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On Girl Body Pride

Have you checked out the GBP Showcase yet? Cuz you should.

H.C. Palmquist takes back the power in Yesterday's Scars.

Michaella O'Connor on guilt in A Weigh in on Shame.

Jessi Sanfillippo and The Tilt Shifts Reality



Pin this, bitches.

This week’s theme is Wonder Woman.
This is probably my most popular pin right now, and well-deserved, too. I found this PDF file on Etsy when I was frantically trying to come up with a last minute Wonder Woman party for Eliana in June and it's the best money I ever spent. Why? Because we're doing Wonder Woman next year, too. At least until she changes her mind three days before the party.

And finally, some Awesome by Other People

Should We Teach Our Girls to Fight Back by Galit Breen
Kelly Wickham made Queen Latifah Cry in That Time I Met Queen Latifah
Jenny Chiu in BlogHer13- I Can't Quit You

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You’re welcome, Internet.





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