The Tooth Fairy & The Cheese Puff

The cheese puffs won.

Eliana has been trying her damnedest to get the loose tooth out and ready for the Tooth Fairy with apples and taffy and bread slices and carrots. I've got a garbage can full of food she asked for and then discarded, disappointed, after digging in and realizing her tooth was still attached.

Today, while driving around Maine to show the visiting Nana and Papa the sights, some of which are also new to us, my girl swallowed her tooth while shoveling handfuls of her gluten-free cheese puffs into her mouth.

Can you say Irony?

All is well, though. She's only six, but she's a Tooth Fairy pro. She lost her first tooth the day after she turned three and because she was too young to get the whole concept, that tooth was swallowed, too. The Tooth Fairy still came, though. Because she's kind of kick-ass.

Between then and now, Eliana has lost so many teeth I have actually lost track. I'm guessing when I say she may have 6 adult teeth already and I actually had to think back to remind myself that she wasn't actually losing an adult tooth because I'm a horrible mother. Like I said, it's a crapshoot, but I think I'm in the clear.

The Tooth Fairy left $6 for my sleeping girl last night in the little pillow we hang on her door so the fairy doesn't have to try and fly under the door. She's tiny enough, we've discussed. But it can't be easy carrying coins and bills and all those teeth. So the Tooth Fairy pillow is just Something Nice for the little magical being who gives my girl a reason to look forward to letting go and celebrate growing up...

Just a tiny bit more.