The Weekly Wrap: #7

The inlaws are power-washing the deck. The Husband just left for work at 3:30 p.m. And The Child is currently running around in a too-big dress layered with pajama pants and knee high socks poking out from the tops of her rain boots. Me? I'm doing my damnedest to get my Must Do list and work responsibilities taken care of so I can have some time free tomorrow to do some sight-seeing. That's always pretty spectacular up here in northern Maine. We've already driven out to see The Million Dollar View (which, by the way, is justified in sounding a bit stuck on itself) and when we arrived at the second lookout area on the route, Eliana dubbed it the Two Million Dollar View because that's just how things work. We've also seen a lot of rain. I like to refer to it as Summer Snow.

Makes it suck less.

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Let’s get this week Wrapped Up, shall we?

On Latina

This week’s #Dimelo column:On Being Patriotic...With a Tan. A 12-year-old Mexican-American boy sang the national anthem and pissed off twitter before Marc Anthony had his patriotic credentials questioned. Yes, of course I have an opinion.

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On Girl Body Pride

Have you checked out the GBP Showcase yet? Cuz you should.

Leanne Brieholz talks about The Skin She's In and Yesterday’s Scars.

I tell you why it's easier for my to Hide in Plain Sight

Lissa Rankin gives it to you straight in Body After Baby? Bullshit!


Pin this, bitches.

This week’s theme: I may have a Zulily addiction.
While at BlogHer, I got to talk with some of the magical people from Zulily who seemed to like me, at the very least, for the money I keep throwing at them. So when they said I could start a Pinterest board dedicated to my child and her rockstar style for a chance at a Zulily shopping spree, you know I'm not turning that down. Plus? Mermaid with a pet shark?

And finally, some Awesome by Other People

I've got the Biggest... on Only Mama
A Mother's Back to School Prayer by Robin O'Bryant
I Do Not Want My Daughter to be Nice by Catherine Newman

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You’re welcome, Internet.





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