Girl Body Pride's Next Chapter

I'm trying to think up a witty intro for this post. It's kind of important, seeing as I'm announcing my new Managing Editor and Social Media Coordinator's for Girl Body Pride, but I'm drawing a blank. So I decided to go the straight-forward route. See? Already done.

Girl Body Pride just celebrated it's first year and it's my baby. The site was born from my desire to help by daughter grow strong and self-assured despite my own eating disordered background and has grown into so much more. Many talented writers have shared their own journeys to self-acceptance and positive self-worth with essays on topics ranging from their sexuality to manifestos to overcoming their inner critic and smiling for the camera. The hours it takes to read through submissions and find images and schedule the editorial calendar have all been worth it because the words shared with those reading need to be shared.

My work is important, I've been told. Lives have been changed, I've been told. I can't let it stop because a difference is being made, friends and writers I respect have said.

And I'll admit that I was on the brink of throwing in the towel. Not because I don't believe that GBP is no longer relevant (because body image and learning that we deserve to love ourselves as we are will always be relevant), but because I'm spread too thin.

My work for Latina Magazine comes first, as it should, with deadlines and editors and readers to answer to. That means that personal blogging, both here and the editorial responsibilities that come with running a website like Girl Body Pride, become what I do instead of sleeping. Considering Life and Homeschool and Other Craziness, I needed to either just let something go or find a Plan B.

I went with Plan B.

And I couldn't be happier to announce Margaret Elysia Garcia as Girl Body Pride's new Managing Editor and Beth Bartlett as the site's new Social Media Coordinator.

Margaret is a literary force to be reckoned with. She's a teacher, a writer of poetry and fiction, and hosts two radio shows. She also is an award wining writer. Her work can be seen in Best Fiction, Underground Voices, Penduline Press, Solstice Magazine, and more. Margaret somehow manages to maintain a personal blog at Tales of a Sierra Madre.

I know. I have no idea how she does it, either.

Beth Bartlett is a freelance writer and humorist. Her work has appeared in such publications as Writer’s Digest, mental_floss, Country Extra, Meetings South and American Profile, and she’s a contributing writer at the humor site An Army of Ermas. She indulges her pseudo-psychic snarky side at Wisecrack Zodiac, and shows her nerdy colors at Pure Geek and Geek Girl Universe.

I'm honored (and so very excited) to announce both Margaret and Beth's new roles with Girl Body Pride and can't wait to see what happens next.

Thank you both, ladies. This totally means you're on my Christmas list now.