Apples & Oranges (If Samsung was made of Oranges, Anyway)


I'm in an Inter-Tech marriage.

I'm Apple. He's Android.

I keep thinking we're lucky we were already married when the iPhone became a Thing and Android wasn't just a reference to Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation because that's when we chose our respective camps. He went Android because he likes the freedom of customizing his smartphone as he likes it, which makes sense since he's a PC guy who builds his own computers from scratch just because he can. I went Android because I was on a contracted phone and dealt with it until 1) the contract was up and 2) Instagram was born.

I just couldn't take all the twitter updates linking to an Apple only app or be patient enough to see it eventually become available for Android. And there you have it: The only reason I jumped ship and never looked back -- my burning desire to share pictures of food with the internet.

I've grown comfortable with my iPhone. With it I can manage my social media, text people I'd rather not talk to holding the phone in my right hand with only my thumb flying across the screen, and keep my music and apps happily available between the Macbook, the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and my kid's iPad mini and this makes me happy. It's comfortable. But lately, I've found myself eying the Android camp again.

I take a crazy amount of pictures for both public and personal use. That much is obvious, and until recently, I wasn't even considering anything other than when I could upgrade to the next iPhone. But then I found myself grumbling at the BlogHer fashion show because the pictures on the phone screens of those sitting next to me showed actual detail on the models walking the brightly lit catwalk while my own pictures were instantly trashed because the camera on the iPhone 4s kind of sucks for that kind of thing. That's how I found myself at the Samsung Mobile USA booth the next day in the expo hall. I wanted info and specs on the Galaxy s4 Active and with good reason: I've shattered 2 iPhone screens and broken 3 supposedly "durable" cases meant for accident prone people like me. After seeing commercials showing the Active being beaten up (and surviving) in every day situations, I wanted to try it for myself.

And lo- the heavens parted and Samsung sent me an s4 Active.

I still have my iPhone. I'm still learning to use the Active and trying to incorporate it more into my daily life. And The Husband is waiting to pounce should I decide I'd rather hunker back down in the Apple camp. For now though, I'm getting to work.

I'll be posting here and on my social media feeds about my experience comparing and contrasting my experience with the iPhone vs the Samsung from the Apple-brained point of view. My goal is to give an honest and no-holds barred account of what I consider to be the pros and cons of each with regards to ease of use as they pertain to photography and social media sharing, as well as social media use relating to writing and blogging. I'll be sure to touch on the basics like apps and which phone I can hand to my kid to keep her busy while I'm deciding on how many spaghetti squash to bring home from the grocery store, which phone best fits in my bra without looking like a rectangular growth, and which is easier to type on one-handed.

I might not be Leo LaPorte on Tech TV, but I've got your back.

Let the games begin.


** Fine Print = Full Disclosure: Samsung Mobile has provided me with a Samung Galaxy s4 Active and a phone line with the understanding that I will be doing exactly as I stated above. While the device has been provided to me free of charge, my opinion is always my own. Which is good, because I suck at lying and would make a pretty shitty used car salesman. I also don't play poker because The Husband says I'm not allowed. The iPhone is mine and I'll let you know if Apple decides I'm Important Enough to send me the new one when it's released because really, they totally should because my therapist says I am a nice person. Also I like apples and taking really good pictures of them to post in Instagram and right now? The Samung is WINNING which makes my iPhone a little sad. The End.