Mental Health: Breaking the Silence at #Latism13

It's been a pretty good week so far. Sure, I owe certain friends really big bottles of very expensive Something Alcoholic as payment for dealing with my 60 text messages per hour/pre-conference freakout, but that's just normal. I've been prepping for Latism13, am piecing together my Great-Gaysby-esque outfit for the El Gran Gatsby themed award gala, and know way more than i ever imagined I would about the 1920's and what flappers wore. I've also made peace with the fact that the 1920's were not the kindest era to women with an hips and ass. Who knew?

And then there's this other thing that just happened...


That's me. A moderator at Latism13! And the topic couldn't be a better fit: Mental Health: Breaking the Silence in the Latino Community. I'm looking forward to learning so much from the incredible panelists on such an important issue.

Now, I go drink some chamomile tea because I have anxiety and am allergic to Xanax before talking to my kid about what set hers off last night.

See what I did there?