The Love Your Body Day After Party


Today was National Love Your Body Day. Well, technically it still is at 11:34 p.m., but I'm obviously a little late to the shin-dig. And that's okay, too. I've always loved me a good after-party. People are freer with their words and so hilariously opinionated with the hours of open bar contributing happily to the She Said What censor-freedom you just don't see while all of the women are still pretending their 6-inch stilettos aren't fucking killing them.

You know the real fun is about to begin when the heels get traded for the flip flops and the ballet flats, anyway.

A few highlights from today:

August McLaughlin of Girl Boner- land (You can lie but I won't believe you if you tell me that just isn't fun to say), profiled me in a feature on the National Eating Disorder Association website in recognition of Love Your Body Day for #BodyConfidenceWeek. August did a beautiful job bringing light to such an important topic and I thank her for the chance to share my story.

A little snippet of that interview for you -- Tips from me to you on loving your body:

Drop the word DIET unless you are referring to what your hamster is allowed to eat. Pledge to rephrase all negative self-talk (internally and verbally) to positive statements. For example, “That has too many calories” becomes “I choose food to nurture my body.”

Remember that our kids see and hear everything we say and do. Even if you don't love your body, put on your big girl panties and pretend to love it anyway. Your motivation is your child and the knowledge that your actions are the foundation from which they will learn how to see their own reflections one day.

Write a sentence about something you hate about your body. Turn it around by writing two on why you are more than that and deserve to love your body just the way it is.

Put on some red lipstick, or your favorite shoes. Hell, grab a tiara and wear the damned thing all day! The point is, whatever makes you feel good about yourself, do it.

Smile at your reflection.

-- from Love Your Body Day 2013 on NEDA by August McLaughlin



See? Day's looking better already. Now do me a favor and brighten someone else's by sharing the article. The first step in recovery is often realizing that we are not alone.