Calling all Idea Peeples...

Yes, I spelled "Peeples" like that on purpose. You can call it  typo. I call it Creative License.

I'm ignoring the laundry today to tell you about something pretty spectacular. If you've been following the blog for a while now, you know I'm a veteran BlogHer attendee (I've been to three now) and even got my feet wet on the Party Hostess front last year in Chicago with Ananda and Dwana at the MultiCulti. I left Chicago with the resolve to get my shhhhtuff together and finally put my name in the hat for speakers when the time came for 2014. (I might be a vet but I've never applied to speak at BlogHer. I know. I'm a slacker.)

Now? It's time.

But I'm not writing to tell you about me...that was just the long and overly wordy lede (cuz that's how us crazy journalist types spell lead) to get to the important part where I light a proverbial fire under your ass and tell YOU that BlogHer wants to hear your ideas.

Every. Single. One.

BlogHer is an incredible network of bloggers and writers and I'm thrilled to be a part. I'm even more excited to encourage you to start mentally packing that suitcase of yours with too many shoes for too few days for the 10th annual BlogHer. In 2014, I'll hopefully see you in San Jose, California. Oh, and do let me address those doubts making you do that wrinkly-nosed face thing right now...

But I'm New to Blogging

So? We all started somewhere. Some of us have a clear view to the finish line when we start up and some of us kind of shuffle along until we figure things out. (I'll be honest. I was not in the first camp. Related? I used to have a blog written from my dog's point of view. He's the only one pissed off that I let that one die.) New to blogging or not, you have a voice and that voice is important. And? It could just be the voice that someone else need to hear.

I've Never Spoken Before

So? Go ahead and tell me you tell your kids not to bother trying to ride their bike without the training wheels. Or that the next time you slave over a brand new recipe for your family and they turn their noses because it's New & Different that you just say Oh You Guys and chuckle while you nuke up some mac 'n' cheese. Or that you aren't gonna bother trying for that promotion at work get the idea. Also? If you ever gave a book report presentation in elementary school, or said "Bartender? Make that a double!" (note: preferably not in elementary school)...then you've spoken publicly and I win.

No One Knows Who I am

Really? Are we back to the But She Has More Followers Than Me on (Insert Social Media Channel Here)? Cuz here's the deal on that: the numbers don't matter to anyone but the bosses at the publishing houses (I know, trust me.) When it comes to Life, Love, BlogHer, & Everything Else? They don't matter. Maybe only your 2 best friends and your mom read your blog and think you're brilliant because you are. Maybe you have 50 twitter followers or 3 Facebook Likes. And maybe the rest of us are being cheated of your brilliance because you don't believe your fans when they say you should apply to speak about the Incredible Idea you have. And maybe you need to stop being mean and just share already. Please and thank you.

But BlogHer is for (Insert Preconceived Idea Here)

Think you're crowd isn't represented? Think again. Am I wrong? Speak up and be the first of your tribe to roll out the red carpet and get the party started. Think BlogHer is just for mom bloggers? Or just for women? Wrong again. Conference organizers strive to provide as diverse a program and speaking roster as possible and that, my friends, means everything from the personal to the political to the technical and the professional. When you check out the call for ideas, you'll see topics like craft, style, activism, identity, and A Whole Lot More. *Ahem* on the MultiCulti, y'all? Exactly.

What If I'm Not Selected????

Put on your big girl panties and suck it up (after your chocolate fudge brownie sundae, of course) and then try again in 2015. BlogHer is a Giant and Enormous network of bloggers. Maybe your idea doesn't get chosen but maybe it's because too many of you listened to me and applied and there just wasn't enough room. In that case, I'm sorry. Sort of. In any case, you never know unless you try.


I know, RIGHT? BlogHer is a Giant and Enormous Network of Bloggers and Now You're Gonna Be Front and Center and OHMYFUCKINGGAWDTHEPRESSURE! It's okay. Breathe. Have a nice drink (or two.) Pretend the eager audience is on the other side of a computer screen during a Google HangOut, and you'll be just fine.

I promise.