Apple Vs. Samsung: Bring on the Note 3

Let's get the transparency thing out of the way, shall we? I did, in fact, take a photo of the new Samsung Note 3 and Galaxy Gear watch I'm reviewing with my iPhone 5s. Everything looked so shiny and pretty before I even opened it all up that I couldn't resist. I realize this is probably the equivalent of Crossing the Streams in Ghostbusters-speak, but sometimes it's just necessary.

I'm still an Apple girl. I'm typing on my Mac and my iPhone is sitting next to it. But I'm Tech-Curious, if we must be technical. I came to the iPhone game kinda late with the 4s being my first. After drooling over them for years, The (Android-loving) Husband finally relented his ban on bashing Apple products for the sake of our marriage. The iPods may have worked their way into the household a while back, but that's different with the focus (at least for me) being music. With the dawn of the iPhone, I found myself bored with needing to ask The Husband to change or fix or think for me when anything needed to be done to the Android phones we were using. From the theme to arranging my windows to ring tones, he was my built in tech-support and I'll be honest...I wanted to be able to just call Apple Care cuz it sounded cool.

And I was happy with the 4s. Until Blogher 13 when I sat next to bloggers with Samsungs during the fashion show. It was dark, the stage was brightly lit, and we were waaaay far back from the stage. Picture for picture, I was able to compare the images on my tiny iPhone screen to the ones captured on their massive Samsungs. Every single one they took kicked ass. I only got two worth instagramming. The photo-bug in me was not pleased.

The next day I bee-lined for the Samsung booth at the Expo and made friends. I pleaded my case which leaned heavily on the fact that, while I couldn't commit to parting ways with my iPhone just yet, I was curious enough to try a few models out from Team Samsung just to see what I might be missing (Read: photos that don't suck.) Luckily, they liked me back and I started out with the Samsung Active.

Truth? I hated it. The only reason the Active had appealed to me was because I'm accident prone and it was billed as being accident proof. Then I read the reviews which all told me to not be a dumbass and get a case on that bad boy lest I break it or drop it in water for longer than a nano-second. So I went back to my trusty iPhone in the Ottherbox case. Until the Note 3 came out, that is.

Yes, it's massive. Yes, the sheer size of the Note 3 makes things rather awkward for the Shoving the Phone in My Bra Thing. But in the same time it took me to decide the Active wasn't for me, the Note 3 has at least convinced me to give it a shot for the long haul.

For the next 8 weeks I will be posting one Apple vs. Samsung review from my perspective. I'm not a tech blogger but I am a writer and blogger who relies heavily on tech and my connections to social media. With that in mind, I'll be focusing on things like one-handed typing to photo, editing, and sharing quality to battery-life and, of course, the snazzy Penny from Inspector Gadget like Galaxy Gear Watch, itself.

When I'm done, I will confidently climb to the top of the highest mountain and declare my loyalty to one. Or maybe I'll just write a blog post and post it on Twitter because that's easier.

Either way, let the games begin.


Not-So-Fine Print: While I was supplied with the Samung Note 3, a case for the phone, and the Galaxy Gear Watch, I am in no way obligated to provide anything other than my own opinion on this blog, any of my social media channels, or in any words attached to my name anywhere, ever. But I think you already knew that.