Hashtag: Forgiven

The funny thing about blogging everyday  vs. blogging when Something Big Brewed Itself Into a Blog Post is that the second version requires far less thought. Maybe I dropped 1,200 words in 30 minutes on whatever soapbox I had climbed on that particular day, but they were 1,200 coherent and dedicated words that freed my brain to concentrate on Everything Else for an extended period of time. Since my work responsibilities have increased I've had a few months where blogging once a week was an accomplishment, but that also meant that I only thought about my blog four times in 30 days.

I may have missed some of the fun stuff, but it was also liberating as hell to not be mentally married to Hitting Publish every day.

Because of NaBloPoMo I'm back on the daily What Do I Write About Today bandwagon and I'll be honest...I like it just about as much as I hate it. I'm capturing bits and pieces of myself on the blog like I used to but I'm also missing out on other things...like sleep. I haven't been able to stick to my exercise routine for the life of me, either. And I apologize if you happen to think I have time to talk on the phone. That number is for texting only, people. Who has time to talk???

There's the job and homeschooling and extra-curricular activities and then sometimes The Husband wants to have sex and instead I'm waving him off because #NaBloPoMo means 30 days of blogging and I Just Need to Link This Post Up Here and Tweet that there and then do a rain dance to increase my chance of comments over here... And before you know it I'm eyes glazed over on Pinterest (because all portals of the Internet lead to Pinterest) and he's asleep and I owe him a lot of sex right now...

You guys? What's the hashtag for December? Because if it's #NaBloBlowMo, he may just forgive me for November.