Apple Vs. Samsung: Week 2 of 8

For the next few weeks I will be posting one #ApplevsSamsung review from my perspective. I’m not a tech blogger but I am a writer and blogger who relies heavily on tech and my connections to social media. With that in mind, I’ll be focusing on things like one-handed typing to photo, editing, and sharing quality to battery-life and, of course, the snazzy Penny from Inspector Gadget like Galaxy Gear Watch, itself. When I’m done, I will confidently climb to the top of the highest mountain and declare my loyalty to one. Or maybe the other. Or maybe I’ll just write a blog post and post it on Twitter because that’s easier.



This week's focus: Size Matters

I can't fit it in my bra.

There. I said it. Even if I decided I was on Team Samsung at the end of Apple/Samsung comparison experiment, the obvious must be stated. Especially when every single phone I've tried in the last decade had to pass the Bra Test before I even considered buying it. It's not too much to ask, I be able to slide the phone in my bra for safe-keeping without worrying that I look like I'm smuggling movie theater sized boxes of Raisinettes everywhere I go.

This is what I'm thinking when the Samsung Note 3 arrives at my door. It's pretty, but it's gigantic. How the hell am I going to carry this phone around with me all day? I resp0nd to emails in between loads of laundry for both work and social media, so portability is obviously going to play a huge part in my final decision. And don't tell me to put it in my back pocket. That might work for you, but I don't always were jeans and my current favorite pair isn't phone-pocket friendly, so that's out.

That, my friends, is a problem. My iPhone seemed to taunt the Samung Note 3 as I slid the iPhone into my bra to get myself accustomed to its competition. And then I remembered that Android phones tend to intimidate me. I decided to wait for The Husband to come home and asked him to set up both the phone and the Galaxy Gear for me. He even paired the two for me. I can't help but think how much longer a simple request like that would have been wasted just on hold waiting for AppleCare to fix an issue. Seeing as The Husband despises Apple and knows his way around an Android, I've got built-in tech support right here, which is pretty fabulous.

But it's freaking huge.

If you set the iPhone on top of the Samsung, it looks like the Samsung had a baby and named it after Gwynwth Paltrow's offspring. GizMag even has a review dedicated to comparing the two (and a hefty portion is dedicated to the size difference alone.) Typing one handed isn't as intuitive on the Note 3 as it is on the 5s, but it is doable, even when set on full-screen mode. (Note: There is an option for one-handed typing, which essentially shrinks the keyboard to about the size of an iPhone, but I hate it. I think it's because my hand knows I'm holding something way bigger than the one-handed screen option.)

And how the hell do I carry it with me throughout my day?

At home, I have resorted to bra-carries when no one in public can see the weird giant rectangle growth on my breast. When out and about, it's in my coat pocket or my purse. The iPhone 5s still has shotgun in my bra.

I've been told by a few people I know that while the size of the Note 3 took some getting used to, they can't see themselves giving it up solely based on size. I'll try to be open-minded on this particular point, but I'd at least suggest Samsung (or an after-market retailer) come up with a stylish Note 3 sized cross-body pouch to placate the Attached to Their Phones crowed. Or maybe a hip belt similar to the one Fiona wears in Burn Notice. If I'd had one of those, the iPhone 5s may not have won this first round.

Score 1: Apple; Samsung-0


Not-So-Fine Print: While I was supplied with the Samung Note 3, a case for the phone, and the Galaxy Gear Watch, I am in no way obligated to provide anything other than my own opinion on this blog, any of my social media channels, or in any words attached to my name anywhere, ever. But I think you already knew that.