The Aspiring Mama Tech-Free Gift Guide

I'm a sucker for technology. Proof? Right now I'm reviewing a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear Watch and that means I'm walking around with all that plus my iPh0ne. As a writer who lives and breathes social media, I'm knee-deep in tech stuff more often than is probably good for me. My kid has an iPad mini, The Husband is all about Android, and sometimes we consider the times we sit at the same table and never make eye-contact as family time. Sad, I know. But I know we aren't the only ones.

That's why I decided to put together a list of my favorite tech-free gift suggestions for my first attempt at a gift guide in an effort to drive some of the Cyber-Monday craziness to the little guys who are in it for the love and not the big bucks.

For the Wine Lover

We used to make our own wine from kits and only stopped when I was diagnosed with yeast as one of my many allergens. The In-laws, however, are still brewing their own at home because it does taste better than most wines. Trust me on that. When I saw this recycled wine bottle serving tray set from ConversationGlass on Etsy, I instantly thought it would be a perfect gift idea for the wine lover in your life. Priced at only $40 for the set (you can order a single tray for $20), it's also on what I like to call the Normal People Price list.

I know what I'm getting for my in-laws...and I'm glad they don't read my blog.


For the Fashionista

I have the patience of a two-year-old past her nap time and the crocheting ability of a woman who's been working on the same scarf for the last 6 months. I also live in northern Maine where 9 months out of the year, it's more important to stay warm than it is to look good. For $25, who says you can't do both?

I love these Laced to Please Fingerless Gloves from Superficial Hippie's etsy shop. My sister would love these. Cute and practical. As long as I remember to take them off when it's time to grab another log outside to throw in the wood burning stove.

For Your Inner Wonder Woman

Eliana declared Wonder Woman as the Ultimate Princess when she was only two years old. The Disney princesses may be pretty to look at, but pretty doesn't cut it when a super-hero is needed to save the world. Her last three birthday parties have been Wonder Woman-themed, and I'm hoping the next one is, too. That way we can both wear our headband and matching wristlets from iGlowRunning on Etsy. The set is priced at $14.

Also? Shout out to a fellow Latina!


For the Retro Girl

This summer I got in touch with my Inner Flapper Girl at the Gatsby-themed Latism awards gala. I poured hours of research into what real flappers wore and then plenty more searching for affordable options to piece together an authentic head-to-toe look. I think the steady stream of compliments served as validation.

My favorite part of my costume? My cloche from the Elsewhen Millinery Etsy shop. Trust me when I tell you that you'll be hard-pressed to find another shop that offers this much attention to detail at prices us normal folk can actually afford. Cloches range in price from $45-$85 and sewing patterns are $15.


For the Child

Before I say anything else, let me point out that Amazon has the Educational Insights Puppet on a Stick (set of three) for $16.99 (prime-- that means free shipping if you're a member) and Walmart is trying to hose you with a $79.99 sticker price.

I about cheered when I scored this set for a mere $8 at a local overstock store (Mardens is a beautiful thing here in Maine), and Eliana found these in place of the candy she left outside her bedroom door for the Halloween Fairy. She's played almost daily with her puppets and I love it. All imagination. No tech. That's the point, right?

If you don't believe me, read the Amazon reviews. Then order and wait for the magic on Christmas morning.

Whatever you do, for the love of God, don't give Walmart $80.

Also? You're Welcome.


For the Dr. Who Fan

The Husband introduced me to Dr. Who when we started dating (back in the day when admitting you met your man online was code for Please Write My Obituary.) I've been hooked ever since.

With Whovian-Pride running rampant due to the recent 50th anniversary specials, I'm thinking this officially licensed 4th Doctor replica scarf is going to be the only thing I get for The Husband to find in his stocking on Christmas morning (Amazon has it priced at $49.99 prime). His favorite Doctor has always been Tom Baker.

I'm more of a David Tennant fan, myself, but I've got to admit this scarf is pretty snazzy.


For the BookWorm

They might be delicate, but never underestimate a butterfly.

My anthology, born from an essay submitted to Girl Body Pride by H.C. Palmquist, is currently priced at 99 cents on Smashwords. Strong Like Butterfly brings the best of  Girl Body Pride to the pages of your e-reader in a collection of inspiring essays from women celebrating the You that You Are Right Now. Each writer in this anthology bares her soul and drops the judgement because they discovered the lightness of spirit that comes with sharing our truth.

One more time for emphasis: 99 cents. That is all.


For Your Best Friend

Because I can't mention the ebook without showing you the lovely bracelet created by Berkey Designs. The delicate design reminds us that we are just as strong as the butterfly who breaks free of its own cocoon with Strong Like Butterfly on the outer portion and Girl Body Pride against our skin.

The aluminum bracelet is priced at $26 (sterling silver available for $129.)

This one has Best Friend written all over it, don't you think?

And there you have it: My favorite tech-free picks for gift giving for the 2013 holiday season. I wasn't compensated for this list, which I think I legally have to mention, so I am. It's here because I wanted to write it, and that's pretty much it. Feel free to mention your tech-free gift ideas in the comments. And yes, you are allowed to plug your own stuff. If I like, I might even share with the internet.


Happy Christmas shopping, y'all.