Awkward on Purpose

I was feeling pretty proud of the fact that The Husband and I managed to get a family photo shoot scheduled in time for Christmas cards (and even prouder that I made up for never getting a first grade pic of Eliana by throwing a few chalkboards with 2nd grade into a few random shots of our child). But then friends who are much cooler than we are posted theirs on Facebook. We can discuss the fact that I'm too technically stupid to figure out how to show our pictures to you yet, seeing as how the images are higher resolution than the typical iPhone instagram you see on here. For now, we are going to revel in the genius that is my favorite Family Christmas session in the history of awkward family memes. Ironically, the pictures you are about to see aren't mine, but my friend Brittani and her husband Scott obviously have no shame because they told me to have fun when I whimpered about how utterly bloggable their pictures are.

Probably because they haven't seen my blog before, but I'm running with it.

Note the goth child, the naked baby doll being held by the little cherub in the classy flip flops, and Mom's 80's cheese smile, the requisite ugly sweater, and side pony tail.

I know these people. And I can vouch for Dad. For the record, he does not own a white van with painted over windows.

Please note that the Goth Child stayed in character the entire photo shoot. Mostly because she was thrilled at having been allowed to wear lipstick. She didn't really give a damn (or notice) that it was black.

And my favorite. I can't look this vapid on purpose (although I seem to pull it off fabulously when I can't remember if I took my Adderall or not).

Merry Awkward Almost Christmas, y'all.