Self-Worth & Raising Chingonas on the Latino Talk podcast

Have you heard of the Latino Talk podast?

It's pretty fabulous. And I'm not just saying that because my first interview with host Ray Collazo is now available on iTunes.

I did share yesterday, but the post was about a few things and one of those things was date specific, so rather than promote a blog post that contains old news I figured I'd dedicate a quick one to my interview and Ray's show.

In this segment, we talked about the Dimelo advice column with Latina Magazine, self-worth, and why I am all for raising our girls to be chingonas. For the new kids in class, that’s a not so nice word in Spanish, kinda like “Bitch”, which has been embraced by many Latinas as a positive. There are plenty pissy about my use of the word and it's many connotations, but I’m good with it because Sandra Cisneros is all for it and probably because my Guelo called us his little cabronas our entire lives  (which roughly translates into calling us his little assholes).

I know….just thinking about it makes me all Smiley Faced.

Have a good day, y'all. I'm off to work on that novel I'm writing.