#Chingonafest: When the Starfish Dreams

It's not glamorous by any means, but I spent Tuesday in my yoga pants and a tank-top -- one of those with a built-in shelf bra -- trying to beat the next power and internet outage. I had a #dimelo column to turn in and frankly, the internet connection was turning out to be a major pain in my ass. Write a sentence, save it (just in case), write a sentence, save it (and the power would go out). I was perfectly aware that emailing my editors on my iPhone to let them know I had no internet with which to work or turn in said work once I finally inched my way to the end looked about as solid an excuse as claiming my dog ate my homework in elementary school (when I only had a hamster), but the truth is usually amusing enough to remind me why I prefer to write non-fiction. In between power outages and working on today's language arts lesson with Eliana, I fielded questions from BlogHer newbies in the Skype-sponsored chat rooms (on my iPhone because No Internet, remember?) in my role as a member of the BlogHer Buddy System, responded to Facebook "likes" and "shares" showcasing my member news announcement (Can you believe it's been one year for my #dimelo column with Latina already?), made a note to remind myself I needed to share the news about hosting the #MultiCulti party at this year's event with Dwana Delacerna and Ananda Leeke (this would be the sharing of the news, y'all), and finally relented to the need for a bra when the time came to work out.

Eventually, the chats died down (because normal people sleep), the internet connection stayed connected long enough for me to actually hit send on the column, and my workout had left me stinking and satisfied. Eliana looked pretty smug, too, what with one of two book reports completed for the week and all.

There's plenty I didn't get to, mind you, so don't think I'm sitting here all waving my completed To-Do list in your faces...mainly because I didn't. I'm not even close, actually. My novel wast left untouched, the #chingonafest podcast brainstorming wasn't stormed, the blog posts I wanted to write and stash to keep myself from going insane in the next few weeks have been shrugged off for another day -- just like the columns I need to write before I leave for San Jose. Also left in the Fuck It (for Today, Anyway) List were the dishes still in the sink, the clothes in the laundry baskets needing to be put away, and I'm obviously not in bed by 1 a.m. again. There are errands to run -- quite a few of them, actually -- so I've informed Wednesday to be as agreeable as possible seeing as how Thursday is earmarked for another homeschool/work-at-home joint session. I've already decided the bra isn't going on until it' time to work out and getting dressed after my shower will mean putting on a clean pair of yoga pants and one of those tank tops with the shelf bra attached.

Somewhere in the craziness that is my everyday, I will find (read: make) the time to piece-meal added words to the novel, draw more Artsy Things because it turns out Other People Not Obligated by Blood or Marital Status consider me an artist of sorts, and if I'm really on track, I may even remember to list a few things in the etsy shops. I've got  suitcase to prep, business card to make for me and Eliana (yes, she blogs...on occasion), dog hair to vacuum up before the piles become puppies, another batch of homemade glittery paper to make with the child for this week's craft, and a #chingonafest chat to run. All of this I can do. Most of it will get accomplished, even if not exactly as soon as I plan for. I already know I will be reminding myself often that I'm only human and that 24 hours in one day are never enough to do it all. That's okay, too.

This is my Today and my plan for Tomorrow. I think my father would be proud and tell all his friends from both of the jobs he worked to support us all that his daughter became a writer, just like she said she would. "Ya did good, kid," he would say. Then he'd crack open another Miller Lite, take a long drink, and smile that smile he smiled when he was proud but knew neither one of us was good at getting all sentimental with the other so a smile -- just a slight dimpled smirk with an emphasis to the left -- a smile would have to do.

Tomorrow, (Wednesday, July 9 at 10p.m. EST) we talk about our dreams and how to keep our focus on what we know is good for our souls. We are not that far removed from the yesterdays lived by the previous generations when work meant putting food on the table and dreams were reserved for sleeping hours. Maybe our dreams aren't paying the bills just yet, or maybe they are and it's glorious. Either way, it's the making of the time to wish our dreams true on the topic list for #chingonafest.

Make sure you use the hashtag during the chat for a chance to win a signature Starfish necklace, courtesy of this week's official #chingonagfest chat sponsor, The Starfish Project. You also can earn one extra entry per sharing of this post via any and all social media channels as long as you leave a separate comment for each share containing the link. I'll add in two more entries in your name for signing up for my newsletter, The Tortilla Press, but only probably because it's late and I'm slap-happy. One winner will be announced on Friday via my newsletter, so be sure you're signed up!

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