The Prompted CopyCat: Second Edition

It's time for the Second Edition of the #PromptedCopyCat here on Aspiring Mama.  For those of you just joining in, the premise is a simple one: we start with an image and a story. I'll post one of my original pieces for you to replicate in your own style with your choice of medium and include a writing prompt that ties in to the artwork. You'll have one week to complete your art and short writing from the prompt (500 words or less), and post both completed works on your website, blog, instagram feed, or Facebook account. I don't want this limited to the blogosphere, so I'm open to sharing and connecting on any platform that appeals to you. The Prompted CopyCat is nothing formal. Just an idea to pass on and join in on if it calls to you. Every week I'll post my own completed writing from the previous week's prompt so you know I'm here to play with y'all, too, before posting the new art and prompt combo. Think of it as a living, guided artist journal. Or an illustrated writing journal, depending on which identity you feel more drawn to.

Last week's art and writing prompt asked you to recreate (or create your own spin on) one of my newest doodle pieces, titled Storybook Love, created on an old book page. I asked you to write a short love story, the one you see in your drawing. As promised, here is my own.

Storybook Love by Pauline Campos

"His legs were too skinny. That was her first thought. But he seemed nice enough. And his eyes did this cute wrinkly thing in the corners when he smiled. Alicia liked that.

But the leg thing...

"He has no ass," Alicia's sister said as he walked by the table she and Alicia had set up with linens and silverware.

It was a slow night at the family restaurant, which was why Alicia had arranged to meet with her potential prince charming near the end of her shift. She figured all her options were covered his way. She had the kitchen to disappear to if a quick escape was needed and her brother and sister could pick him out in a lineup if he decided to hide the crazy until the second date. But if all went well with tonight's introduction, her date would at least know which restaurant not to bring her to for a romantic evening.

Her sister, Daniela, smirked as she rolled silverware into linens for the next shift. "I can't believe you asked Prince Buttless to meet you here. Mom and Dad aren't exactly going to offer to pay for the wedding when you tell them you met this one on the Internet."

"This one?" Alicia rolled her eyes. "Dani, you say that the way Dad asks me what I'm going to do with the next stray dog I find. And besides, I knew Mom and Dad were taking the night off. Besides, I met the last one on the Internet, too."

Dani snorted "Yeah, and that turned out just dandy, didn't it?"

"Well," Alicia said, laughing at the memory. Her ex-boyfriend, forgetting where he was, had kissed her in full view of the kitchen. Her father put an end to that nonsense when, mere moments later, he personally delivered a steaming plate of huevos rancheros to their table. The crowning touch, of course, had been the silverware wrapped in what turned out to be a freshly printed Urban Dictionary page explaining exactly why the dish served as a very descriptive warning to keep his hands to himself.  Alicia hadn't been surprised never to hear from him again. "Okay, so not exactly. But who knows? Maybe this one will be different."

This One, who also happened to be the tall, dark, and handsome kind that made Alicia go weak in the knees, was heading back to his seat at the bar, He had one arm hidden behind his back, and on his face, his smile was strained.

"Is everything okay? Alicia asked.

He handed her the small bouquet of brightly colored flowers he had gotten from his car. "These are for you. But can you tell me why the waiter was taking pictures of my license plate?"


And now, here's the new assignment: Show me the words at the center of your universe. This piece started out with acrylics and a paintbrush before morphing into my visual reminder of the mantra I repeat to myself as needed. As a rule, I photograph each original for print sales before manipulating the image until I'm happy with the result. I went heavy on saturation and vibrancy in this one and the final punch was the text.

Feel free to copy what you see here (it's best to start with a pencil before moving on to painting), or give the entire thing your own personal spin. All I ask is that you draw a sun, add the words you see here (or better yet, words that make you feel strong, and write 500 words or less on why the words you selected have meaning.

The rules are simple:

1- Always play nice. We are here to create a community, which means we always play nice in the sandbox.

2- Please link each week's prompt on Aspiring Mama when sharing your work online.

3.Use #PromptedCopyCat on twitter and social media outlets like instagram (which doesn't allow for live links).

4. Leave a comment linking to your work and completed prompt in order for me (and hopefully others) to find and support your efforts.

I'll be back next week with my completed prompt and the next Prompted CopyCat assignment!

Hope to see you then!