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The Laundry List is long and overwhelming my frazzled brain as I fight my way to something vaguely resembling Normal after last week's trek to Los Angeles. (The flights were great and the Lifestyle Bloger Network Conference was fabulous, by the way.) The official recap comes in a day or so, but for now, I'm sharing an Almost Latina Magazine #Dimelo Question with you because I bet The Husband $5 that this ain't going viral to illustrate how much I suck at Reverse Psychology.

Don't get all flustered, y'all. The question came in too late to be relevant for online magazine publication, so I cleared publishing the text here with my editor earlier today. Ypu're Welcome.

Dear Pauline,

My prima and I read your #Dimelo column all the time and would like to ask you to settle an argument between us. We watched the Academy Awards and have been debating about Sean Penn's "offensive" joke while presenting Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu with Best Picture.

I think it was funny and a big deal is being made over nothing. Mi prima says I'm wrong and that the green card comment was offensive no matter what Inarritu told reporters Why was it a big deal and why are we all still talking about this?

What do you think?


The Punchline Police


Dear Punchline,

You are referring, I assume, to SeanPenn's "joke" while presenting long-time friend Alejandro GonzalessInarritu with Best Picture for Birdsman during the 87th Annual Academy Awards . Upon seeing Inarritu's name as he opened the envelope, Penn cracked what may end up being the singularly most over-examined joke since the first time anyone asked about the chicken and why it crossed the road. For those who may live under a rock, Penn lit up racial insensitivity sensors when he said of his longtime friend, "Who gave this sonnifabitch his green card?"

Social Media exploded with cries of racism while I laughed my ass off remembering all of the highly inappropriate jabs I've traded with close friends over the years because that's what friends do. A personal favorite is the time I made a big show of emptying the silverware drawers in a good friend's kitchen because his dad liked making cracks about Mexicans and silverware.

No, don't get offended on my behalf because that, Senorita Punchline, is exactly the problem here. The way I see it, if Inarritu is good with the green card joke, then so am I. There's no point in getting our collective 'chonis in  a bunch if Inarritu himself says there's no reason for the outcry.

But who's right? What about those who say it doesn't matter what Inarritu says because the joke was offensive to an entire culture? I'm going in swinging here, Punchline, and probably going to do my own fair share of offending when I say this: The gay white guy hosting the show may have raised a few hackles poking fun at everybody, but he gets a pass because NPH is a card-carrying member of an oppressed minority. As for the rest of us? I think we need to stop taking everything so seriously. -- Laughter is good for the soul

-- P 


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