Announcing the BlogHer'15 #MultiCulti!

Let's get the obvious out of the way first: I've been a bit overwhelmed lately, and it's been affecting my online presence. Blog? Yeah, I got one go those. I keep meaning to post and with good reason because so many awesome things are going on AT THE SAME TIME. Which, coincidentally, has a lot to do with the Being Overwhelmed Thing. But more on that later. For now, let's get to just one of the updates I've been meaning to share!

You guys? The #MultiCulti is BACK for the third year at BlogHer'15 in New York. I am beyond excited to be co-hosting this incredible community shindig with my inspiring #MultiCulti sisters, Ananda Leeke and Dwana Delacerna. To be asked to return as cohostess for the same event with the same amazing women is flat out just fucking amazing.

We will, of course, be featuring food from around the world in our Hilton suite and a playlist featuring your musical suggestions. And what would the party be without the infamous BlogHer MultiCulti Extravaganza Cocktail?

(And yes, thank you very much for asking. I am quite proud I made it to the end of the second paragraph before dropping my first F Bomb.)

The success of the MultiCulti cocktail I dreamed up -- with The Husband's help, of course -- was just the icing on the proverbial cake that I'm probably allergic to. The cocktail, actually, is the reason I'm writing this. You see, I didn't just throw alcohol in a glass and ice it without thought before tossing it back and calling it good. (Although that's not entirely a bad idea.) No way, y'all. The MultiCulti was all about celebrating all that makes us who we are and the cultures and cultural identities we call our own. The cocktail had to reflect that. And then it had to actually taste good. I've got standards, y'all. As a former waitress and bartender, my street cred was totally on the line.

Here's what I (ahem- we) came up with:

BlogHer MultiCulti Cocktail

Non-Alcoholic Version

Equal Parts:

  • Coconut Water
  •  Pomegranate Juice
  •  Blueberry Juice
  •   Apple Juice
  •  White Grape Juice
  • A splash of club soda


The Breathalyzer Version?

* Add two splashes of Malibu Rum 

So why this particular mix? So glad you asked, Internet!

* Coconut Water is and has historically been a popular drink in the tropics, especially India, the Brazilian Coast, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, Africa, and the Caribbean.

* Pomegranates are considered to have originated in the vicinity of Iran and have been cultivated since ancient times. Today the pomegranate is also grown throughout the Mediterranean, Africa, parts of southeast Asia, and in Arizona and California here in the United States. It's also important to note that the pomegranate was introduced to Latin America and California by Spanish settlers in 1769.

* Blueberries and are native to North America with Michigan and Maine coming out on top. Funny thing? I was born in Detroit and I now live in Maine. 

* Apples originated in Central Asia and have been grown for thousands of years in Asia and Europe. The saying "As American as apple pie" didn't exist until European colonists showed up on American shores. Apples also have a major role in Norse, Greek, and Christian traditions and mythology.

* Grapes have a pretty impressive history dating back up to 8,000 years ago in Western Asia. And the oldest winery was found in Armenia dating to around 4000 BC. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics show grapes cultivated for wine, and historians tell us that Greeks, Phoenicians, and Romans grew purple grapes for both eating and wine production. Eventually, grape cultivation made its way to other regions in Europe, North Africa, and North America.

* Rum has a hefty history and plays a part in the culture of most islands of the West Indies as well as in the Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland. It's been associated with The Royal Navy, the principal naval warfare service branch of the British Armed Forces, as well as piracy. Rum also was used as a form of currency to help fund organized crime, slavery, and even the American Revolution. Today rum is produced everywhere from Belize and Colombia to Australia, Canada, and Fiji.

See? Awesome, right?

Now, I can't say what's in store for the MultiCulti at #BlogHer15, because we're still in planning mode. One thing I can say, though, is that the MultiCulti is not our party. It's yours. We want you to own this party.

How do you do that?

* Hashtag the hell out of #Multiculti on your social media channels in the days leading up to the party

* Write  blog post sharing what multiculturalism means to you

* Post a #multiculti pic celebrating the Heinz 57 mix that makes and share that bad boy all over your social media channels. 

* Tweet me with a favorite song (or 10) for a chance to have it included in the official #multiculti playlist we will be jamming to during the actual party. Everyone who suggests a song will be entered into a contest for a special prize to be announced soon. Hit me up on twitter (@pauline_campos) with the party hashtag, your song title, and the artist name to be eligible. Entries will be accepted until midnight, EST, on July 12. 

* Check out BlogHer's Community Party Plan for Friday, July 16. We'd love to see you!

And, of course, join me and the growing #chingonafest community during our weekly Wednesday night twitter chats, at 10 PM, EST. We'll be talking about the importance of celebrating diversity in our personal (and social media)! I may even have a surprise or two to give away during the chat. Use #BlogHer14 #MultiCulti & #Chingonafest in your tweets, and follow me, Ananda, and Dwana for some fun conversation! The #chingonafest hashtag may be culturally specific, but the spirit behind it is universal. That means we all get to play together in the sandbox.(Click here for my Latina Magazine column that served as my inspiration for #chingonafest!)

I'm looking forward to so much in the coming week, and I know you are, too. 

Cheers, y'all!