In Which I Promise Not To Fill Your Inbox With Useless Crap

It's only taken me six years to put a newsletter together. Obviously, I'm a bit behind the 8-ball on this one.

It's not that I was purposely slacking on this very obvious (and necessary) piece of the platform puzzle. It's more, I think, that I had told myself I didn't deserve one until I had a book to push. Updates like author appearances and signings and launch parties and all the lines connecting the dots in between are just the kind of thing I sign up to learn about from my favorite authors, so I convinced myself to wait.

And wait.

And then I just forgot about it because I was too busy tying to take the scenic route to becoming an overnight sensation.

I promise not to fill your inbox with useless and pointless crap. In fact, if you give me your email address and sign up for #TeamBabyFat, And to celebrate the #BabyFat launch, I'm giving away one signed copy of my book to newsletter members signed up by midnight EST, on September 28 (that's my launch day, y'all!) Of course, I'll be announcing the winner ....wait for it... in a newsletter update. 

Genius, right?

I know. That's why I make up up imaginary worlds for the people in my head who make the big bucks, you guys. WINNING. 

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