For Authors: An Alternative to Book Cover Posters for Signings

*DISCLOSURE:  I received my gallery wrap canvas for free and paid for shipping, but the following is being shared as my own opinion and recommendation because I love you like that.

I'm THIS CLOSE to my first official author appearances at local libraries and am so very excited. BabyFat: Adventures in Motherhood, Muffin Tops, & Trying to Stay Sane launched in September of 2015 and it's only taken me until yesterday to start getting my shit together on the author marketing front. (read: this is as far as I've gotten.)

I'll be reading at my local library next month and branching out from there to other Maine libraries. From there, I'll be working my way south through New England over the next few months. If you're a fan and interested in having me read in your area, leave me a message here or email me at so I can try to make it happen. For now, though, I wanted to share something pretty cool!

I'll take a canvas over a poster any day of the week. Cover art by Michelle Fairbanks of  Fresh Design BC.

I'll take a canvas over a poster any day of the week. Cover art by Michelle Fairbanks of Fresh Design BC.

Part of the prep for a book reading/signing is the swag and the book signage stuff. I'm still working on swag - probably postcards and bookmarks - but I've got the signage taken care of. Almost every article I found when googling how to prep for an author signing included mention of a framed full-sized poster of the book cover. Functional, maybe, but I wanted something a little bit different...more stable and durable. I found it on My timing is impeccable because there's about 12 hours left (as of 6:18 p.m. EST) to take advantage of the killer sale I found on the 16x20 gallery-wrapped canvas I made with the BabyFat book cover. It's normally $89, so $29 isn't a bad deal, right? Shipping works out to be another $25 so out the door, you're looking at about $60 bucks for durable book cover art that is sure to get noticed. 

I'll update with a photo once my canvas arrives. Don't miss out on the sale, friends. Authors, I'm talking to you...but the sale is open for anyone interested in creating their own masterpiece. I've used a few times in the past for juried art show entries and have never been disappointed in the quality and service. 

* All opinions are always my own on, and always will be. Thank you to for helping me create a beautiful gallery wrap of my book cover for my in-person BabyFat events!