That Time David Hasselhoff Brought Me a Present

...Okay, so maybe you don't think much of a shiny acorn, but I happen to love it. 

And okay, so maybe David Hasshelhoff walks on four leg and shits in a litter box, but he's my David Hasselhoff and that's what matters, people. 

Before I go on, let me stop to thank Jen Hajer of The Next Martha for my Neko Atsume obsession. I actually mean that in a non-smartass way. ADHD means I get hyper-focused and obsessed, so I tend to avoid most games since so many require a commitment. The fact that I can check my cats as often - or as little - as I wish, is phenomenal. So far, I have hooked my kid on the Neko world, and we were both a little let down and a little excited to learn the waitress we were going to try and convert last week already had the app on her phone. Seeing as how The Husband hates cats because of allergies, this is as close to the real thing we will be having in the house ever, so I'm living it up with my Neko cats.

Which, obviously, have all been renamed. Here, I share with you my top ten favorites. 

My favorite online friend I have yet to meet is a woman I first met on twitter with Peach Flambee as a hashtag. Her avatar was an animated goldfish. the glorious WTFuckery about the whole thing instantly made me love her in probably a very unhealthy way, seeing as how I am now naming animated cats after her animated goldfish and refuse to call her by her real name. 

Stop looking at me all weird, will ya?


Some of these weren't exactly rocket science. 


Get it? Do you? Personality = Crafty/ Name = CHICA! 

I know. I know. This one is probably my all-time favorite. Brilliant, right?

Hipster Neko Kai KLR brought me a cicada skin once as a memento. Because he loves me like that. 

Let me now when you get it....


Not quite...


OMG YES! And you can thank my kid for this one. She is way smarter than I am.


Shut up. Don't you dare ruin this for me.

Kevin's a crazy one! 


Oh look! The Hoff just brought me a pink glow bracelet! Yeah, he's a keeper.