Open mic: The end of the rainbow

I've been getting a crazy amount of hits with "Roy G. Biv" as the search term. My ego thinks that's pretty snazzy. So I dug through my word doc and decided to post one more. If the hits keep coming, I might get brave enough to revise a few of the weaker poems and start querying. I'd love comments!

The end of the Rainbow

At the end of the Rainbow Are Violet and Gold

But no one pays attention to Violet

They can see her just fine But since the beginning of Time

It has always been about where Gold Is hiding

Roy G. Biv: Violet and Violet

It's been a while since I posted a poem from my children's book, Roy G. Biv. But lo and behold, the term keeps popping up in my blog searches from visitors, so I thought I'd pick another favorite to share.

Who knows...maybe one day I'll be able to share with you that the collection dreamed itself into a real-life book.  For now, I'll just share what I've got.

Violet and Violet

Violet the Crayon is Very proud

For a flower was named in Her honor

Violet the Flower is Even prouder

For she knows the crayon was named After the Flower