8/365: Precedence


I'm supposed to be writing a poem,

words arranged just so as to create

the same image in your head

as is in my own.

I'm supposed to be playing with grammar,

pretending I remember the rules

so I can feel superior when I break them

and say things like "Poetic license"

with an indignant shoulder raised.

I am instead in bed with my child,

watching the sun rise as she finally sleeps,

wincing with each blink because the eye she

sucker punched when she reached out to make

sure I was still there saw stars flash for

just a moment.

I'm supposed to be sleeping after playing with words

and making pretty pictures with them and

nothing else.

Instead, I lie in bed and watch the stars fade into the

rose blue dawn and the sun rises.



My 365, Jan 5-14

I meant to do this earlier (because I'm obviously behind) but swim and ballet lessons (yeah, I've turned into that mom) kind of got the best of me this week. I'll try to get on a regular posting schedule for the My365 project -- maybe every Saturday? -- but for now, here's how I captured a few moments in pictures.

We're from Detroit. There's grass there. We kind of miss it. So when we see it, toes are involved.


I suck at measurements and will never have a cooking show. That being said, this recipe kicks ass. Add a decent amount of olive oil, juice from one whole lemon, some minced garlic and a can of chickpeas. Saute for a bit (I go till the chickpeas are soft) and then throw in a boatload of spinach. Wait for that boatload to wilt and then add another boatload. Salt and pepper.


You're welcome.


So I got a speeding ticket...now that I'm blogging about it, I'm wondering if the traffic school cost can be used as a tax write-ff for business expenses?


I saw this one on instragram. Asparagus plus bacon plus olive oil and some salt. Broil in the oven.

Even The Husband ate this.

Buttercup gets allowance. Sometimes, she does something sweet. Like offer to buy her teacher flowers.


At the car wash, yeah...


This is what happens when she dresses herself for school


The Mexifro is no more. For now, let's concentrate on my cute hats.


My first ballet bun. Her first lesson.



lego friends

Belated Christmas gifts are made of awesome.

My 365, Week 1

If you follow me on twitter or facebook or instagram, it's probably quite apparent that there's not exactly a lack of photo taking going on. And most of those photos, are quite obviously, of Buttercup. The Husband and I often joke that if we ever do have a second child, we'll have to hire a professional photographer to shadow the kid with explicit directions to make sure the shot to shot ratio is one for one. You know, to cut down on the amount of therapy needed down the road for #2.
So it only seemed natural that I got all Kid in a Candy Store giddy when I saw an instragram update from Katja Presnal showcasing photos from another app. I know...it's like ice cream for dinner and dessert.
Let's not talk about the false start when I downloaded the wrong app and instead focus on My 365. The challenge isn't taking a photo a day...it's selecting which of the many to call my official memory for that specific 24 hour period.
Here's what I chose for the first few days...

Buttercup has a nebulizer now. He's a turtle. She's beyond excited. Also? She's four.

This is what happens when you forget the good goggles at home and the child is forced to use a random set in the bin at swim.

And yes...I followed through on my promise to wear it the entire day. Funny thing? No one noticed.

This is Fezzik. Buttercup calls him her puplet. Cuz that's a baby pup, mama.
So...what's your 365 look like?