Proof that I am easily amused

Remember my love affair with my business cards by Marlynn Schotland of Urban Bliss?These bad boys were my inspiration for my hand-painted business card holder that I made at the Color Me Mine store. And I so can't wait to pass them out at Blogher10!

Yes, little things make me happy. And now I have a business card holder, for my desk, in my upstairs office of my house, for me to have them conveniently available to...look at while I take care of the dishes in my yoga pants.

A reflection of me

If you've been reading the blog for more than a week, you know I had a recent "face lift" in an attempt to better brand myself. The old blog design, while super cute, was a freebie wordpress theme that got old fast when I found out I wasn't the only blogger writer with a blog using it. I know. I know.

Gasp! Right?

So it was time to get some new bloggy threads.

That's where my new Bloggy Boot Camp friend, Becca, came in. I sent her the images of the approved final designs for my new business cards created by the uber-rific Marlynn Shotland, also a new friend I connected with in Pheonix, and voila...I suddenly had a site to complement the cards that I can only describe as looking at my reflection on paper.

The old cards I had were cheap and cute, but they were cheap before they were anything else. And if there's one thing I learned when Lindsey Garrett handed me her business card during the bootcamp lunch a few weeks ago, first impressions are really that important. Wanna know why?

Because out of the 100 or so business cards I came home with from Bloggy Bootcamp, hers is the one that stands out. It was just that awesome.

I want to be that chick. The one with the business cards that wow at The National Latino Writer's Conference.

And guess what? I'll be beyond proud to pass these bad boys out for a long time coming.

biz card front

The design itself is just all kinds of awesome. Marlynn knew what I wanted before I did. A notebook design? For me? A former reporter turned memoir writer? Seriously, Marlynn, I can't even express what a genius you are.

biz card backThe back I am especially proud of. Marlynn had asked if I wanted one or two-sided cards, and going back to Lindsey's design, I decided I wanted to wow whoever puts these in their pockets coming and going. So I put my thinking cap on to come up with something that said "writer-mama." That little bit of genius above is what I came up with.

The Husband didn't roll his eyes. Twitter Best Friend Juliette laughed out loud. And Marlynn wholeheartedly approved. So I signed off on the design.

Then I got them in the mail. And you know that whole glassy-eyed, sighing, head-in-the-sky, constantly staring at the new sparklies on the left had that the newly engaged do? Yeah...that's me...but with the business cards and the new blog design.

Thanks, Becca and Marlynn. You made me feel all writerly and professional and stuffs.