Waiting for the Mean Girl

Image by Jennifer Collins

Image by Jennifer Collins

I see how my little girl tackles new and challenging things with gusto.  I have seen her overcome fears.  I have seen her lead others.  I have seen her with her friends and I have seen her kindness to strangers.  I have seen how she looks in the mirror at herself with a radiant smile as she proclaims to me that she feels beautiful.  I have seen her walk into both familiar and unfamiliar situations with pride and confidence and excitement.  I see a radiant and happy child each and every time I see my daughter.

But I am waiting.

I am waiting for the day that my little girl comes home in tears because someone told her something other than what she has come to believe about herself. I am praying that I can help her pick up the pieces of the revelation that the world may not be as she has been taught by her parents.

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